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First time in Copenhagen

Almost good weather, a very busy conference schedule, and a rented bike with no brakes... what could go wrong?

Letters to my aunt

Letters helped me keep connected and burn off the anxiety that burbled during the first weeks of lockdown. Here are some excerpts.

Day 12. Zodiac Day.

No reason it’s Zodiac day – I’m not into astrology, nor am I a serial killer, or a particular fan of fast inflatable boats. I just thought it sounded cool. Really busy day today....

Fiction: it’s a dead heat

You’ve seen my non-fiction reviews, now it’s time for some fic-fic-fiction! Reading waaaaay too much this year: check out these heinous reading glasses! Probably from reading on screens. Anyway… High points Two books are...

Visit to Tunis!

A heartily documented trip to some of the most beautiful sites in and around Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Not to be missed!

Things you learn (or remember) in East Africa

I love volleyball. I haven’t played for a long while, but I had occasion to play in Kampala again after a years-long break. Volleyball is my jam, despite the obvious hiccup that I am...