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Back to the beginning

I returned to the place where I wrote my first blog posts, twelve years ago. This was also my first work travel since before COVID. Hazy reflection ensues.

Poll results! And a stats lesson

Fun with the results of my early November Apolitical Poll. You know, for kids!

Notional zebras and the big red bus: stories from an evaluation

Two months in Nairobi, though it seemed like more. It’s bad form to say so… but driving around Nairobi never put anyone in a good mood. Mostly it puts you at a standstill. And...

Things you learn (or remember) in East Africa

I love volleyball. I haven’t played for a long while, but I had occasion to play in Kampala again after a years-long break. Volleyball is my jam, despite the obvious hiccup that I am...

Moving the goals post

Featured pic from Mitchell Lawler on Unsplash Goalposts – goals – get it? The start of a year is an appropriate, if imperfect, time for looking at your goals and urging yourself forward. I...

Do what you like

Do what you like When I told my parents I wanted a job where I could do what I like, as a young college graduate with a sociology degree (!), you’d have thought I said...