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What about the pears?

The before and after of a house fire. Thank goodness there's an after! All is well. But check your smoke alarms - NOW!

Trees and cicadas. Tree-cadas.

A quick bike trip to the U.S. National Arboretum. Conifers and cicadas for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like them!

Fifteen minutes for full potency

Back In the Family. Ten magical days speaking in familect, walking the neighborhood, talking trash/ playing poker (interchangeable), eating home cooked meals, White Castles and a multi-meat meal at Salt and Smoke


On the vagaries of nonsensical panic, the gallantry of a good man, and my (possible) return to airplane grace, with a little love for DCA

A bitters experiment

Tried out the bitters and have only good things to say about it. Just two splurts will do it, though seven is good too! (Add a saxophone if you've got one handy.)

Planting seeds

Effervescent excitement in Tunis. You don't want to be the last on your block to look for Tita and Lil Bitters Brand aromatic bitters. Also, trees.