Oops in a remote corner of Mongolia

My first 18 hours in Mongolia were eventful, evocative, awe-inspiring, and ultimately divine. Thank goodness for cold weather gear... and yaks!!

Exploring Campania

Snippets from explorations around the capital of Campania and environs, and not a lot of talk. These are 1000-word scenes for sure.

Napoli, Nuova

We're just getting settled into Napoli and finding our way around these enormous hills! So far, so very good, including standard-setting pizza.

Back to the beginning

I returned to the place where I wrote my first blog posts, twelve years ago. This was also my first work travel since before COVID. Hazy reflection ensues.

A celebration of Dad

Our eulogy titled "All the ways Dad failed us" was written with the intent to laugh, not cry, and I almost made it to the end without shedding a tear. Miss you, Dad.

Fart cars, stifling humidity, casual bigotry and fast food

Never Have I Ever... been so negative in a post. Keep reading for some bright sides, which I didn't earn but for which I'm awfully grateful.