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Spin the globe: Bogota

Back to Bogota, for the first time since 2016. Feelin the love, reliving the past, catching up to today. Filled my soul right up!

Exploring Campania

Snippets from explorations around the capital of Campania and environs, and not a lot of talk. These are 1000-word scenes for sure.

Napoli, Nuova

We're just getting settled into Napoli and finding our way around these enormous hills! So far, so very good, including standard-setting pizza.

Back to the beginning

I returned to the place where I wrote my first blog posts, twelve years ago. This was also my first work travel since before COVID. Hazy reflection ensues.

Fart cars, stifling humidity, casual bigotry and fast food

Never Have I Ever... been so negative in a post. Keep reading for some bright sides, which I didn't earn but for which I'm awfully grateful.

Our little gargoyle

Doing our best in a bad situation. Ready to gripe about it if anyone wants to call. Send margaritas, please!