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The year without an adjective

There's no way to describe this past year without missing the point. A year we all stretched our cognitive dissonance to the limit. A year of shared experience, without a single hug.


It's a banner day. A particular banner that stirs our hearts. It's time we had it back.

Camel love

A quick story about the camels I've passed around while traveling, ever since moving to Tunisia. I got to see the shop where they're made!

This post is not about cats

This post is not about cats. It's about walking around La Marsa in 2020, then taking a breather at the end of the year, and pushing forward again in 2021. Here's to it, y'all!

The year of cooking dangerously

Everything else has been dangerous this year, so why not cooking? I was lucky to have good local ingredients at hand, lacking some key ingredients to keep me experimenting, and sufficient anxiety to really...

Poll results! And a stats lesson

Fun with the results of my early November Apolitical Poll. You know, for kids!