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Pizza for dinner, kids?

I only look exhausted - I'm actually doing fine, with two weeks of faux-parenthood behind me and a new dachshund mini-nephew. Also, I remembered I can drive!

2021, you had one job

2021, you had one job. One. Just be better than 2020. You didn't hit it out of the park, but... I'm raising a glass to the hope for a wonderful 2022!

Baby’s first colonoscopy

Notice: if you have to do this, make it yours. I certainly whined very recognizably throughout the prep process!

What about the pears?

The before and after of a house fire. Thank goodness there's an after! All is well. But check your smoke alarms - NOW!

Alaska never disappoints

Alaska never disappoints. For me it's family, it's adventure, it's big animals, it's heavy food and heavier boots. This time I introduced it to Ramon. Memorable week: August 2021.

Trees and cicadas. Tree-cadas.

A quick bike trip to the U.S. National Arboretum. Conifers and cicadas for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like them!