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Reg’lar ol’ blog post

This blog post is everything and nothing about life in Tunis in the countdown to our departure for as-yet-undetermined climes. We still love it here...

In the Valentine’s Day trenches

Valentine's Day is too emotionally charged to be anything but annoying. But it does make me stop and look at the years I've enjoyed with Ramon

Pizza for dinner, kids?

I only look exhausted - I'm actually doing fine, with two weeks of faux-parenthood behind me and a new dachshund mini-nephew. Also, I remembered I can drive!

2021, you had one job

2021, you had one job. One. Just be better than 2020. You didn't hit it out of the park, but... I'm raising a glass to the hope for a wonderful 2022!

Baby’s first colonoscopy

Notice: if you have to do this, make it yours. I certainly whined very recognizably throughout the prep process!

What about the pears?

The before and after of a house fire. Thank goodness there's an after! All is well. But check your smoke alarms - NOW!