Rainy day

Such gorgeous skies…

What does one do when one can’t get outside? If one is very, very lucky and smart, one plays the hell out of some ping pong, of course.

We’re debating whether to get a table. We could do it but it’s gonna be tight.

Our living room is long and fairly narrow, but if you go strictly by the measurements there is plenty of room. Our apartment came furnished, and in particular this room just has a lot of stuff in it. We don’t use it all, but neither do we have a storage unit to plop it in. Some of it will have to be moved into another room.

The guest room will probably be okay, since we don’t have any guests and won’t for a while. But the trick is, we don’t want to move anything we will be using every day. So the coffee table and couch have to stay, and something to put the TV on, and the dining table.

I thought we’d just get a big flat board in the approximate size and shape of a ping pong table, and put it on the dining room table. But Ramon says we’ll break the glass top of the table if we do that. Too much rough-housing. He may be right.

But if we don’t do that, we’ll have to find another place for the dining table while we play. It’s super heavy so if we move it to the guest room, we won’t want to move it back in when we’re done playing. If we leave it in place or schooch it into a corner, it has a curlicue base that will be perfect for absconding with the ping pong balls.

Could we eat on the ping pong table? I’m kind of a messy eater. We’d have to have a finished surface so I couldn’t ruin it when I spill tomato sauce or whatever.

Another question is the neighbors: we might have to limit to certain times of day. The neighbors have complained about us (me) wearing loud shoes (which I stopped doing – I only change into going-out shoes at the front door.) We have these meaty looking marble floors – I can’t imagine the sound getting through but clearly it does. Could a ping pong table really piss off others who are also stuck at home? Do we have to also find carpets or something to put on the floor?

Gratitude of the day

That I can worry about ping pong table dimensions and noise instead of something worse today.

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