Sleep and pretzels

I CAN’T SLEEP. I’m HOT, but last night when I opened the window a *&%^$ mosquito came in and bit me three times. That’s as unconducive to sleep as being hot. So I closed the window, dimmed the lights, and laid in wait. Of course it appeared – I still had blood it could suck. I squashed it while sneering, “Die, you little vampire menace!” Ramon was nonplussed.

Then I went back to not sleeping anyway. And I woke up too early too. WHAT THE HELL? It’s giving me both a stiff neck and weird dreams.

Still, I’m eating well. This quiche was so monster good we ate it in two meals. Yes, ma’am/sir, that’s a quarter of a quiche at a time. But it was so freaking good – the yellow cherry tomatoes were not quite ripe and so made it acidic; the cheese was especially good; and the crust was flakier than normal. I got a different brand of prepared crust.

But the quiche pales in comparison to my latest experiment: making pretzels. The secret is 20-30 seconds in a boiling pan of water and baking soda. They come out of the water looking bagelly, then they go in the oven.

Apropos of nothing, there’s this guy, carrying a fish down the street by its mouth. In his flip flops and Ronaldo t-shirt. Literally in the middle of the road.

Oh, Tunis.

My friends’ cat Shadi was not pleased about her image being used in yesterday’s post without her permission. She gave me this look:

Another cat felt hurt when I left her out of the cat parade yesterday. But, she’s shy. So this was the best I could do for her. It looks like she might actually be Shadi, which is a little Jenna Maroney-ish if you ask me.

Today’s gratitude

What’s not to be grateful for today?

  • Being able to get a llama for a zoom call
  • Pretty consistent internet service
  • The guy walking down the road with the fish
  • Tomorrow’s start of the virtual DC FilmFest

… Doesn’t mean I’m not worried about my work petering out, my sister going to work at a clinic every day, or my strange sleeplessness. But I’m still grateful for the good stuff.

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