Phnom Penh life. Lovely.

The sun beats down here – if you’re in the shade, it’s muggy but it’s fine. But the sun is so freakin’ hot.

Motorbikes rule this city. Cars drive slowly because they’re automatically at fault if a rider gets hurt. At stoplights the bikes and motorbikes and tuktuks and ciclos and remarques swarm in between the cars, stop right in front of them in the intersection, anything for a leg up on the chance to go. Seems like absolute mayhem but it’s pretty slow paced, so it doesn’t feel quite as dangerous as it might.

They are NOT up to code on what they carry.

That tuktuk is carrying two sofas.

















For the evening I took off on a boat with the new expat friends for an anchored raft on the other side of the Mekong. We sat on the comfy raft (big soft chairs, coffee tables, a full bar) and drank gin, ate olives and cheese, to watch the sunset over Phnom Penh.


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