Guest post from Gene!

Guest post from Gene Culver on a break from the nutjobs who fill our airwaves and screens these days

Little Bitty Christmas Post

Nothing like being home for the holidays. Well, this year we've got to be creative to make it through. As long as eating is involved, I'm game!

The year of cooking dangerously

Everything else has been dangerous this year, so why not cooking? I was lucky to have good local ingredients at hand, lacking some key ingredients to keep me experimenting, and sufficient anxiety to really...

Poll results! And a stats lesson

Fun with the results of my early November Apolitical Poll. You know, for kids!

Going polar for the truth

How we decide what's true is an important conversation for the Democrats. Here's my opening salvo.

Turkey Day 2020

Not just this year's Thanksgiving, but Turkey Day after Turkey Day after Turkey Day, plus my regular trenchant prose and kick-ass cooking. What's not to love?