Going polar for the truth

How we decide what's true is an important conversation for the Democrats. Here's my opening salvo.

Turkey Day 2020

Not just this year's Thanksgiving, but Turkey Day after Turkey Day after Turkey Day, plus my regular trenchant prose and kick-ass cooking. What's not to love?

Apolitical poll!

How about voting for something supremely low-stakes? Let me know your preferences on this exciting poll that has nothing to do with real life!

Can’t be.

Dear ol' Bob Sanger. I'm going to miss you, Bobbert, and I'm not the only one. Everyone who met this warm-hearted, fun-loving fellow is hurting right now.

How many seasons? Hint: It’s FOUR

How many seasons? The answer is FOUR. The Four Seasons resort in Tunisia (ten minutes up the road from us) for a birthday junket and a lil' bit o' luxury.

Fall in (love with) La Marsa

Enjoying fall in La Marsa - the heat retreats; we cook, play tennis, and walk everywhere. Avoiding politics overload but saying YES to a good laugh.