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Maxing out on Star Wars and deserts

Our last stop in the desert and its exciting side-visits. I'm not sure I'm cut out for desert life, but I'm glad we went!

What’s up, my multitude?

What I do when I am not cooking and eating, and then, again, what I'm cooking and eating.

Favorite story

Bougainvillea, and a plea for us to get past partisanship and unite against the politicians playing us like a big ol' xylophone.

Museum tour: The Bardo

Virtual Museum Tour: the Bardo in Tunis. Complete with female centaur, wine amphorae, and interchangeable heads.


I didn’t know I had so many neighbors. As the weather gets lovelier and lovelier, they’re out on balconies, catching rays of sun. We all need our Vitamin D! I literally never see any...

Day 6. I now hate these “Day #” titles.

Ramon doesn’t know all the answers to the things I’m concerned about, which I told him is not very helpful. It would be really nice to have some certainty. Reminds me of that Sheryl...