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This post is not about cats

This post is not about cats. It's about walking around La Marsa in 2020, then taking a breather at the end of the year, and pushing forward again in 2021. Here's to it, y'all!

Museum tour: The Bardo

Virtual Museum Tour: the Bardo in Tunis. Complete with female centaur, wine amphorae, and interchangeable heads.

Day 10. A do-cathlon.

Ten ideas for a successful tenth day in captivity. No pressure - just entertainment for mind, body and soul.

Return to Tunis

I keep leaving Tunis – work trips, trips to see family, fun trips… Yesterday I left at noon-ish, arriving eighteen hours later in Atlanta. I’m excited to check out Atlanta, and see the Coca...

Moving the goals post

Featured pic from Mitchell Lawler on Unsplash Goalposts – goals – get it? The start of a year is an appropriate, if imperfect, time for looking at your goals and urging yourself forward. I...

Done and to do: my writing year

I came across a blog post today on the Brevity site, by Allison K. Williams, asking about one’s writing year: what did you manage to accomplish? The novelty was the positive angle: not what did...