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Cat Day

Cats of La Marsa - a languorous walk through the cat alleys (as opposed to alley cats) that fill up this seaside town.

Day Sebenteen. No change.

Me and Dad, I love him 17 billion percent.

Day 13. Who needs a party?

It’s Friday and time for something social. As present circumstances demand, something a bit weird but let’s give it a try! After all, we’re all in the same boat – like a cruise ship...

Day 10. A do-cathlon.

Ten ideas for a successful tenth day in captivity. No pressure - just entertainment for mind, body and soul.

Day 2. The excitement builds.

That might be slightly overstating it, but at least I’m keeping busy: Talking and texting to family Working on three different work contracts Doing an exercise class in the morning (just jumping around, TBH)...

Going viral

Day One. The confinement begins. I find myself oddly… calm. Is this the storied one that comes before the storm? Anxiety is weird. I am a worrier, with more than my share of scary...