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A celebration of Dad

Our eulogy titled "All the ways Dad failed us" was written with the intent to laugh, not cry, and I almost made it to the end without shedding a tear. Miss you, Dad.

Fart cars, stifling humidity, casual bigotry and fast food

Never Have I Ever... been so negative in a post. Keep reading for some bright sides, which I didn't earn but for which I'm awfully grateful.

Day Sebenteen. No change.

Me and Dad, I love him 17 billion percent.

Guest post: Tear down that wall

Never thought you’d hear me quoting Reagan, did you? I’m full of surprises. But tearing down walls is not, prima facie, a bad thing. Today we have a guest post from my dad, Gene...

Back from Kaintuck – with the Moron Brothers!

Kyna, Dad and I went to Kentucky. You can’t go to Kentucky without seeing horses:   This one is a stallion that is rented out for his… prowess. If you know what I mean....

Cyber cliches 6

Lower Sheboygan! That might be a Blog First.