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Going polar for the truth

How we decide what's true is an important conversation for the Democrats. Here's my opening salvo.

/rant over

/rant over - and back to food, including a map of my lockdown recipes.

Day 20. Practically Normal.

Normal, hell! How about a mixtape for your idiot dancing pleasure?

Neptune’s Rain Cuts Like Diamonds

(A story for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction contest, based on a randomly selected title, first line, and last lines.)   Three days without sleep was the least of my worries. Charlene was out there,...

Flash Fiction Friday: Kyle 3099 (yeah, I know. It’s not Wednesday either.)

Please see the lovely photo which inspired this piece, Kyle 3099 on Genoa Hill From High Plains Hogger on Flicker   The conductor, Kyle 3099 according to his embroidered nametag, slept peacefully on the cabin floor....
Photo by Sandis Helvigs on Unsplash

Flash Fiction Friday – 14 Feb 2017

14 February 2017. For Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction prompt. My Random Number Generator chose 10. Long way home. April hoisted her lumpy backpack up on her bony shoulders. It should have weighed more. The dehydrated...