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On the vagaries of nonsensical panic, the gallantry of a good man, and my (possible) return to airplane grace, with a little love for DCA

Camel love

A quick story about the camels I've passed around while traveling, ever since moving to Tunisia. I got to see the shop where they're made!

How many seasons? Hint: It’s FOUR

How many seasons? The answer is FOUR. The Four Seasons resort in Tunisia (ten minutes up the road from us) for a birthday junket and a lil' bit o' luxury.

From Russia with love

Time travel with me to Russia. This is a trip from 2004 - before I blogged. Looking at the pictures brings it all back!

Favorite story

Bougainvillea, and a plea for us to get past partisanship and unite against the politicians playing us like a big ol' xylophone.

Museum tour: The Bardo

Virtual Museum Tour: the Bardo in Tunis. Complete with female centaur, wine amphorae, and interchangeable heads.