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Favorite story

Bougainvillea, and a plea for us to get past partisanship and unite against the politicians playing us like a big ol' xylophone.

Museum tour: The Bardo

Virtual Museum Tour: the Bardo in Tunis. Complete with female centaur, wine amphorae, and interchangeable heads.

It’s the Holidays!

Well, it was the holidays – I am just a teeny bit late. Our holiday began with the ugliest cinnamon bread ever. I brought Special Ingredients and Arcane Baking Equipment from the U.S. with...

Notional zebras and the big red bus: stories from an evaluation

Two months in Nairobi, though it seemed like more. It’s bad form to say so… but driving around Nairobi never put anyone in a good mood. Mostly it puts you at a standstill. And...

Things you learn (or remember) in East Africa

I love volleyball. I haven’t played for a long while, but I had occasion to play in Kampala again after a years-long break. Volleyball is my jam, despite the obvious hiccup that I am...

Where am I now?

Let’s start where the last post left off… That was June, I’d been to the U.S. and back — twice in two months — and I needed my zombie time. But we’ll skip forward...