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A mass of senseless rubble

So much to talk about from this past month. Not so many pictures of food.

Scumbag advertiser

Picture someone holding up a can of high-sodium, high-fat processed soup with minimal nutritional value. Then imagine them touting the soup's healthy home-cooked recipe. Add flash bangs and domestic military incursions and you're presidential.

Quite a week.

What to be proud of in the USA, 2020 edition.

Trouble in the City on a Hill

Dateline: Politics invades the Wednesday Missives blog and pushes out food pictures, for once.

It’s heed-taking time

You say you are from the Party of Lincoln. Prove it.

Designed to hurt

You can’t pretend that what was designed to hurt other human beings was  sort of accidental, because it happened a long time ago. Damn the apologists, damn Kavanaugh and damn Northam and damn Confederate...