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How many seasons? Hint: It’s FOUR

How many seasons? The answer is FOUR. The Four Seasons resort in Tunisia (ten minutes up the road from us) for a birthday junket and a lil' bit o' luxury.

Fall in (love with) La Marsa

Enjoying fall in La Marsa - the heat retreats; we cook, play tennis, and walk everywhere. Avoiding politics overload but saying YES to a good laugh.

Update on the cats

An update on the cats of La Marsa now that summer's blast furnace has been put away till next year. And news on the emotional state of your favorite reporter.

Food is quickly becoming a theme here…

[TRIGGER ALERT] This post is full of mouthwatering food pictures. If you're hungry with nothing in the house, do not read any further! I'm getting more adventurous... and making more mistakes! You can't help...

My name is (not) Melle Mel

I'm no Melle Mel but I've got some unexpected rhythm. I took an online Freestyle class and thus it begins... #Kericantbeatboxcanshe #dontquityourdayjob

Automotive interlude

Automotive interlude? But I don't even like cars. I might make an exception for the Tunisian-made WallysCar. Meanwhile, I'll walk, bike, and take a taxi. And thank heaven for that.