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On the vagaries of nonsensical panic, the gallantry of a good man, and my (possible) return to airplane grace, with a little love for DCA

Party time

Don't succumb to short-timers' syndrome. Have a lemonade or a beer or a shrub, and let's give some thanks on Saturday May 1st from 7-9 PM EDT on the House Party app.

A bitters experiment

Tried out the bitters and have only good things to say about it. Just two splurts will do it, though seven is good too! (Add a saxophone if you've got one handy.)

Planting seeds

Effervescent excitement in Tunis. You don't want to be the last on your block to look for Tita and Lil Bitters Brand aromatic bitters. Also, trees.

The year without an adjective

There's no way to describe this past year without missing the point. A year we all stretched our cognitive dissonance to the limit. A year of shared experience, without a single hug.


It's a banner day. A particular banner that stirs our hearts. It's time we had it back.