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Little Bitty Christmas Post

Nothing like being home for the holidays. Well, this year we've got to be creative to make it through. As long as eating is involved, I'm game!

Can’t be.

Dear ol' Bob Sanger. I'm going to miss you, Bobbert, and I'm not the only one. Everyone who met this warm-hearted, fun-loving fellow is hurting right now.

July letters

Still pulling out these letters, that feel old and creaky even though they’re not long ago. I’m fascinated by how my perspective changes and I don’t even notice it. As cases start to rise...

The letters continue – June edition

Letters from June, after the lockdown had more or less ended in Tunisia but the rest of the world was (is) still going crazy.

May letters

Letters from May. Snips from letters I write to friends and family - a different look at lockdown under the pandemic.

Foolish letters

Long letters to family and friend, cut down into bite-size nuggets for your dipping pleasure. These are from April, 2020.