Hey 19. (I don’t like Steely Dan, but can’t resist wordplay.)

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Is this still happening?

Apparently so – there are over 800,000 people known to have coronavirus, as reported by their national and state health departments. From that macro picture to the micro: I keep seeing strangers on Twitter recounting the deaths of their loved ones.

*Helpless crying*

Okay, stop that now, Keri. Somebody pointed me to Leslie Jordan, who’s adorable doing daily Instagram updates from his sofa. His Tennessee accent is so sweet it’s like a hug and some iced tea for my jangled nerves.

And my niece sent me a video of giraffes because she knows I love them. And diaries during this weird time are actually a good idea, because they’re creating the social history of what we’re living, says the NYTimes. There are some beautiful pages from diaries, especially from those who also draw. Creating anything is worth the time right now, because… wait, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why.


Still! I’m so freaking scattered. I burned rice today, and nearly burned a pan of artichokes and cherry tomatoes in the oven – if it weren’t for Ramon, I’d have a bunch of fragrant charcoal right now. (As much as I hate to forget stuff, I hate more that Ramon had to remind me.)

Yesterday I had Inadvertent Taadig. Today, it’s just Dumb-ass Taadig.
The artichokes and cherry tomatoes came out okay in the end.

Some of my frantic-ness is clearly my own doing. Right now, I have the follow tabs open in my browser:

  • three – no, four – different language learning pages
  • a very helpful COVID Resource page that I can’t seem to settle on long enough to see what might be useful for me
  • three work-related tabs
  • a tab for a supermarket in Tunis that delivers (but has no slots open for delivery, so I order every night at midnight to see if I get lucky when the new slots open up a week out)
  • a Trivia night video on youtube because that would be fun
  • a payment page to buy Yahoo’s tech service for my dad
  • a class I’m taking online, and the pages for two different classes I want to take
  • a free write-in site with daily prompts
  • a help page for setting up my Apple TV to get French channels
  • a Lily Letter page with 15 podcasts to try
  • instructions on how to “dox” yourself so you’d be better prepared to ward off trolls
  • and this edit post page for my blog

Holy hell, no wonder I’m frantic!

What has really reliably helped me feel better during this time has been: Ramon being goofy and/or dancing with me, talking with friends and family especially when I can see them, cooking, exercise, and meditating. Those are going to be my focus for tomorrow. After I learn how to dox myself.

Someone out there kite sailing this morning…

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