Day 8. Dialing back…

Yesterday was quite a post, took a long while to write and think about. Today I’ve been Zoom-ing and Skype-ing and Whats-Apping a lot. The result is a much shorter post today.

But size isn’t everything! In fact, I can put a lot in a small space (you should see my freezer!)

Wait, you can see my freezer! Here it is!

Okay, without further ado, some interesting stuff I’ve been up to that might be of interest to you as well:

I’m signing up for a free class – well, really just a prompt a day with the opportunity to share (or not) what I’ve written at: Who’s game?

This story of a conservative suburb in Louisiana tells how one of their residents got sick and how this has affected their perceptions of coronavirus, and of the political leadership.

Is the cat giving curbside service?

Did you know that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a period when the plague caused London theaters to close? It’s true! And some other plays as well. You can stream some Shakespeare at this link to the Folger Shakespeare Library.

I’ve used Twitter for a few years but found this site a good primer in how it actually works. Cheeky daughter.

Alright – that’s it for today. I’m going snooping for some dinner. Hope y’all are doing okay. I’m sending love.

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