Day 6. I now hate these “Day #” titles.

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Ramon doesn’t know all the answers to the things I’m concerned about, which I told him is not very helpful. It would be really nice to have some certainty. Reminds me of that Sheryl Crow song from the 90s, Strong Enough: “Lie to me, I promise I’ll believe.” Yeah, I know. I’m saying a lot of things I never expected to be saying!

Tunisia is going to 24/7 “confinement” starting Monday. I’m not sure I entirely understand how that will be different: even now, we only go to the grocery store or pharmacy, or out for a walk. Restaurants have been closed for a week, and the movies and shops have all shut down. Maybe no more walking? Here’s some pix of our most recent walks. I’ve also been feeding the cats as I go…

Mornings are hardest these days. It’s like I wake up to the whole news cycle dropping on me. I can’t imagine going on a media diet right now – I mean, don’t we need to be informed now more than ever? – but I might have to have Ramon read me the headlines while I hold my breath underwater in the bathtub – just to muffle it a bit. (Would that work? Hmmm.)

Wait, no, nights are hardest. When I’m trying to fall asleep. I “what-if” myself into a panic. Last night I kept getting up and putting my slippers on to go to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up. I “what-iffed” about what I had cooked for dinner, the wine I drank, when and with what vigor I had washed my hands. Somehow, finally, I fell asleep, and woke up. Fine. It was just panic. It was just panic.

Don’t panic

Back to the kitchen. Plenty of stuff in there to keep me busy. The quiche took longer than expected – it was ready about 10:15 last night. Poor Ramon… he’d be happy with bread and cheese at 7:45 and then brushing his teeth. But do I let him? No – someone has to eat all this output!

Chard, leeks, pancetta, and tomato. I forgot we had potatoes. Next time!

I know, it looks exactly like the other quiche from a couple days ago. Another thing to worry about – how will I keep my blog post audience, when I’m doing the same thing all the time? :>

I’ve been thinking about electricity, water, internet… again, what-iffing. Not helpful, though I’m keeping stuff charged up. We have a couple of candles, but should really get some batteries for the headlamps and stuff.

I just feel so… far… away. Tunisia, my lovely respite, the place I come back to after work trips and it feels like going on vacation. We don’t know much (anything?) about public services and how available they are, what their back-up plans are. Being in a U.S. state, I imagine I’d be more confident in the State of Things, you know? Those of you who are in the U.S., do you? I mean, we all know the hospitals are under-provisioned – but if I start thinking about that here, I will probably put my slippers on again and head for the bathroom.

Radical social distancing, a la Tunisienne…

It isn’t right, this whole thing. In my mind I go back to that Chinese market and clean up the animal pens so they’re not pooping on one another. But then I read it was bats, and that doesn’t sound like something you’d have in a cage at a market. Wasn’t it was a pangolin! Was there no pangolin involved? Good lord, what flights of fancy.


Step Aerobics, sans step.

Gotta keep moving. Ramon did 30 pushups every thirty minutes yesterday. Tomorrow we’re going to have a plank-off. I think I can take him on plank.

I’ve also suggested we dress as if for work tomorrow, maybe have a fashion show. Tonight I’ll bring out the cards for Speed or something equally loud and obnoxious. On the subtler side, I’m suggesting The New York Times Love Challenge, which is just stuff like holding hands and talking. We actually do that already, but why not try it? There’s plenty of time and it might be fun. (What do you think, Honey Biscuit?)

In short, despite my moaning, I’m fine and no one should worry. On the other (well-washed) hand, if you’d like to have a call on Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Zoom, let’s do it! (keri.culver, +34699963650,, or meeting ID 638-260-8290, respectively!) If you want I will even teach you my aerobics routine. Yeehaw!

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