Day 2. The excitement builds.

That might be slightly overstating it, but at least I’m keeping busy:

  • Talking and texting to family
  • Working on three different work contracts
  • Doing an exercise class in the morning (just jumping around, TBH)
  • Preparing healthy stuff to eat (alongside the junk food which is, frankly, always going to be there)
  • Not going to news sites every hour
  • Meditating (free coronavirus sanity events here)
  • Finally learning how to use iPhoto and the cloud to get my pics from phone to computer to blog post
  • Finding out the problem wasn’t my sub-par knowledge of iPhoto
  • Grunting at the WordPress site for its *^$&(edness
  • Getting my tax receipts ready 

I’ll be working on some of these for awhile, but at least I’m getting a start. I can’t upload pictures because of the WordPress bug, so I’m adding some throwback pics just to keep the blogs visual, till the issue gets resolved.

Ramon is also working from home. I’m so relieved – he is a very dedicated person and, having a military background, not at all inclined to take any time off, or be away from his post. And I think he likes the discipline of being in an office, being accountable to his team and government partners, and putting on a shirt and tie every day. Working from home is a bit harder for a guy like that: so much of what he does is about interaction. 

This was actually his New Year’s Eve suit, but you can see how dapper he is.

Me, I like it. It turns out I can motivate myself, at least as well as I did in an office, even without being in a work outfit or having team members all around. I miss the social aspect, like Friday afternoon bitch sessions or the cake-for-someone’s-birthday thing. But since so much of what I do is writing, I’m a lot more productive without anyone around. Interaction shminteraction.

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