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I’m back in Bogota and working feverishly on new queries, new agents, new chances. At the advice of a particular editor, I queried one last week and was almost instantaneously rejected. But she was nice about it, I suppose. It just reminded me how unpleasant it is to pin one’s high hopes up in the heights, only to see them summarily ignored.

Never mind that! Rejection is nothing. Not with all the opportunities opening up, not with this New Year, New You attitude* I’ve got going on. Here’s my latest logline – that is, an extraordinarily short version of the book used for the tops of query letters, elevator speeches, twitter contests, cocktail parties, or anywhere a short attention span reigns:

Arab-born but 300% English, Nathalie Qadir quits the London stage to spy on a New Caliphate and halt its attacks on the West

That, my friends, is 124 characters, small enough to tweet even with a hashtag. What do you think? Does it grab you? Is it smart, witty and suspenseful?

I’m not at all opposed to binning this one and trying again. So don’t hold back comments, even if you think “Oh, that Keri, wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings, she’s sooooo sensitive…” No matter! I’ve got a nascent rhino hide stretching itself out protectively over me. I’ve got moxie, too, and if you don’t know what that is, check out this clip. This is what moxie is NOT:


So this lovely Sunday, I am working on tweets, queries and agent searches. And searching funny videos, but just for a minute. Soon I’m going to get a falafel sandwich next door (hooray for Bogota cosmopolitanism!) and take a long walk to enjoy this sunshine while we have it. Though we don’t have tomorrow off here (for MLKJr Day), I hope y’all enjoy it and find something suitably generous and positive to do in his honor. Good week to all!

* That is sarcasm. I hate those ads. But I do feel revived after holidays and ready to push forward again on the book – finding an agent or publisher, or publishing it my own damn self if it comes to that.

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Strike *quits*. Try something more, uh, mysterious? Vanishes from – not quite right either – since I haven’t read any of it – maybe something that implies someone or something interfered with her career to *explain* her absence from the stage. *Blackballed from*?
I want to read it! That should be recommendation enough! Love you!

It certainly grabs the attention! do you have a synopsis? I have an agent. He’s looking for stuff but it sort of depends on the content.

Do I have a synopsis?!?! Do you want the 1, 2 or 3 page version? Good gravy, yes. Happy to send it along, but I’ll also just make a post out of it. Maybe it will boost (eventual) sales! :>

Hi, I saw the post. I’ll have a read of it but if you could send me a 1 pager that would be good. Any ‘sample’ chapter available?

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