Persian cuisine, and a domestic shorthair cat

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I’m thinking about my friend Shane today, so I’m going to write about food. I had an amazing meal last weekend with a nice new friend here in Bogota, Raha. Here she is explaining the dishes:

She made us feel really welcome and worked like crazy to make all these different dishes. She has lived here and traveled all over Colombia for the past five years. She’s from Iran and goes back once a year. I just can’t imagine.

My best friends, Ali and Shane, cook food like this for me in DC every time I visit. They have done it for years, as if I were a poor foundling waif. I always leave just absolutely full to overflowing, like I did when I left Raha’s house last Saturday night. As great as it was, I miss Shane and Ali.

Ali and Shane are in gray and burgundy sweaters, respectively, with another friend Robert in the mix, and Kyna, plus of course the ever-present Shadi, their Cat Of Attitude. This is what it’s like at their house – people, food, cat attitude. The best there is. Thanks to Raha for reminding me about them with the amazing Persian dinner you made, and thanks to Shane and Ali for… everything. I’m thinking of you both. Much love!

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