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I have been researching the person to whom I was referred – the one who says she has lots of contacts. She was very cool and sent me places I could look to see her referrals and testimonials. She took time to answer my concerns. Then I went to LinkedIn and she has approximately one billion contacts. Approximately one million of these appear to be literary agents.

But they have a “2nd” next to their names – from what I can see, they are contacts of her contacts. So, those aren’t contacts, are they? How does this thing work? I’ve looked all over LinkedIn to figure it out, because all my contacts have a little “1st” by them – meaning they are contacts with me. I’m cornfused, as my brother likes to say…

I am inclined to pursue her service. I want help to get this thing publishable and, then, published. She seems excrutiatingly well-positioned to do exactly what she promises. The excitement I wrote about last week carried me through a marathon session this weekend and I am close to a new, finished draft to share with her. I could use the set of eyes she promises to provide.

In the meantime, why do I have to work at my job? There are so many nitpicky, annoying, unfair and otherwise unappealing steps to take, just to get to the end of the day. Where is that job I have always loved? If you’ve got any advice, lay it on me. I need juice right now.

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