Eating, Cambodian style

Fantastic fresh foods everywhere we went, for so little money – this was what I found all over Cambodia. Bright red peppers spicing up veggies, cooked so lightly it was eating vegetables the way God intended. Lemongrass and greens flash cooked in oil and added to chunks of garlic and more peppers.

Amuse bouche – pickled garlic cloves and spiced peanuts, selected daintily with chopsticks. More than a few of these ended up under my chair.








Fish soup with fresh vegetables, light noodles, cilantro and peppers. Served steaming hot. The fish had plenty of bones – it was wise to eat slowly. But as it was breakfast, this was very hard to do.


Another steaming soup, here at left, this one with goat chunks and spinach, into which we tossed mung bean sprouts and red pepper jelly for spice. Hard to beat, especially when it costs about $2.00.

This is a famous frieze from Angkor Wat, called Churning the Ocean of Milk. They had to do this, in order to work off all the food they’d eaten.




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